Nazeem Ahmed General Trading

NAZEEM AHMED GENERAL TRADING, located in AL RAS, DEIRA, DUBAI, the largest wholesale market in middle-east, has a decade year of market establishment and reputation. Our company deals in foodstuff trading which mainly includes Nuts, Dry-Fruits and Spices Products are imported as well as exported from and to various parts of the world and goods are sold within the country. Our company has been a major support to all the distributors, traders, manufacturers and service providers in this region. With over a decade of fame and establishment, our company has been the most well sought-after company with many trusted customers...

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    Our Products

    We deal in a wide variety of products which are imported from various parts of the world. Our products are of good quality and all products are packed properly in a way to ensure the quality of the product does not deteriorate.

    Our Quality

    Our company always selects and provides the best product to our clients. This henceforth ensures a bond between the our company and our clients since the quality of the product meets their satisfaction.


    Our success is mainly attributed to the quality standards we follow in infrastructure. Our warehouse and vehicles all follow the safety standards and our cold storages follow the prescribed standards which holds a important role in ensuring the quality of our products.